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Patrons Give Thanks


Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that ushers in Christmas and those warm, fuzzy memories of past winters. It’s a milestone in which we perceive the year coming to a close and we reflect upon significant events that blessed us, challenged us, or rocked us. It’s almost like a birthday; once it arrives, we are thankful we have lived to see another one.

This type of personal reflection and gratitude was a response we sought to generate from Library patrons, mainly consisting of Andrews University students. Our interactive Thanksgiving board we posted in the Library lobby asked them, “What are you thankful for?” This short and sweet question that generated varied responses that we grouped into the themes Family and Friends, God, Food and Health, Education, Adventist Pioneers, Work, and Other.


In total we received over 94 responses. Some were single-word notes, others long. Some contained multiple exclamation marks, and some multiple smiley faces.

The biggest theme of gratitude was “friends and family.” This shouldn’t come as a surprise as these loved ones are the ones who are there for us in the good and the bad. “Thankful for life, family, friends, and Makarios =)”, wrote one individual. Another individual wrote, “God’s love, family & friends. Second chance & more….” And “The baby in my womb : ) ” was yet another reason to be thankful for.

Gratefulness to God was another theme that stood out. One personwrote, “Thankful for God’s love, grace & mercy. Oh how He loves you and me!”

This time of the year, it’s not hard to be thankful for comfort food and to get finals out of the way. “Doughnuts & completion of my first final,” wrote a patron. People were so thankful, they even were grateful for James White, Ellen G. White, and J.N. Andrews.

Our fellow JWL employee Ashley also made it on the board, along with scarves, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and answered prayers. Overall it was a solid amount of responses, and a blessing to see so much gratefulness. We too at James White Library are very thankful this time of the year, especially for you, our dear patrons.

-James White Library


Aileen Mongkau – 1st Place Essay Winner (Elementary School Category)

Wow! Aileen, you have won 1st place in our Elementary category! Congratulations and keep it up!

Library Makes You Read!

By Aileen Mongkau (2nd grade)

               The library makes me read because in the library there are so many interesting books! In my house the books are boring because I read them before and when I read it again, I know what the story’s about and what’s going to happen!  Some libraries do not just make you read, but they make you watch! Because some libraries have DVD’s or CD’s I like watching movies but not a scary one.

In my country, I never went to a library before.  But now I have gone to the library a lot!  Sometimes I am mad at the library because I borrow a DVD from the library and then when I watch it too much I get in trouble and it’s all because of the DVD and by the way, the DVD is from the library. Well, it is not the library’s fault that I watched for too long, it’s my fault because I am the one who wastes the time.

Well, another reason why the library makes us read is because some people need books for homework or even resources. Sometimes the only thing you are there for is to just check out a book or check out a DVD or CD!  See if you check out books, what you do with it? You read it, of course! So library makes you read! (Also, I already know how to read and I already read a lot).

You know, some countries do not actually have any libraries but America has. If your country does not have any libraries, then you should just move to America and you do not have to buy any books and waste money! Because there are a lot of libraries here and you do not have to waste money for books, just only for toys.

Hey, you know if you do not know about something then go to a library. If you need something funny go to the library. If you need to know how to feed, take care of an animal or plant then go to the library. Go to the library if you need to know about something or about a country go to the library! If you need a quiet place to do work or homework, I told you already go to the library!

Aldrich Mongkau – 2nd Place Essay Winner (Elementary Category)

Aldrich, you have won 2nd Place in the Elementary category of our 2015 Essay Contest!

Libraries are awesome!

By Aldrich Mongkau (5th grade)

            Library changes our life because it is not a waste of money. In stores they sell books that the library has. Wasting money! If there are books in the library, why not borrow books from the library, it will not waste people’s money!

In some countries, there are no libraries. But when you come over here, check it out, there are a lot of libraries that you cannot even imagine! Also in the library, if people do not like books, they can check out the DVD! The DVD has many different shows, including drama, adventure, mysteries, fictions, romance, fantasy, historical, non-fiction, comedy, action, horror, science, and many more.

People can learn in the library using the computer or what I called it the internet access, books or audio books, or by just sitting there and simply do your homework. When people are bored, they can grab a book, sit down, and relax while reading. The library also has fun activities or contests, which includes this awesome essay!

When you walk into a library, you can quickly notice that it is filled with books, and you automatically would think, oh this is so boring, but actually it is not, well maybe not that boring. The library is like a giant time machine, cannot really explain how it is like that, but one thing I know for sure is that when you are reading a book, you cannot really get your mind out of the book you are reading. You can just read a book, any book and you actually does learn something and your brain is also working, and you are getting smarter. You can learn by reading books (books that are based on true facts), also if you watch one of the video that is about animals (or any other science movie), they can have lots of information! So long my favorite thing I watch (of course the one I already borrowed) is in one of the Blue Planet series, The deep. That movie was a blast! The animals in that movie were impressive! Some of the animals in the twilight zone have their own personal light stuck to their bodies. Some of that could even change their light color! One fish, the hatchet fish can math his body color to the water he is in.

Libraries are awesome. You can study in the library because it is a quiet and such a peaceful place where you can release your stress. You can read a lot of books due to the fact that the library exists, and that is what the library is made for! The library is fun, you can could learn, study and most of all have fun!

Alysia Mongkau – 1st Place Essay Winner (Secondary School Category)

Congratualtions Alysia! You have won 1st Place in our Secondary School category!

Library’s Impact in Life

By Alysia Mongkau (9th Grade)

               Libraries can change people’s lives whether they realize it or not, in different ways. Some lives might change in similar ways, while others might be a whole lot different. Let’s take my life for example. Then that way, we can also see how library changes my life. Without any doubt, it also changes other people’s lives too.

Before I came to America, I never knew that the library, a quiet and peaceful place to hide, can be really helpful and also useful in my life, now that I am in high school. Before I came to the United States, there was no such thing as a public library. Not all schools have their own library, only the really expensive school, and it is also limited. Not all books are in it, usually just the children’s books. I used to hate library so much, because in my old school, the library was the room where detention was held. When I came here, I was really surprised at how you can check out as many books as you want, stay as long as you want—or at least until the library closed, and it is so peaceful that you actually get your work done.

There are also a lot of benefits from the library and it also changes our life without us always knowing it. Library saves our money. Instead of buying new books to read, or going to theater to watch, we can just check it out from the libraries without paying. I love the library because of the DVDs too.

From such a peaceful place, it helps us to concentrate, and without us realizing, it is getting us closer to our goal to make us more successful. We can also use the advantages due to the fact that we can use the free internet, free computer use, and it helps a lot in our studies, especially for the last minute people. Libraries also help new comers from all different countries, helping their English language, and it also help people gain new knowledge, to improve our life. The libraries also help us to keep in touch with other people around the world.

The thing with libraries is, we need to appreciate them because they may not exist for long. Since technology is growing and getting better, some people think that eventually all libraries will be online, that the online libraries are going to replace the old lovely libraries, and life is going to actually change because of that.

The library keeps my imagination and it helps me through school, and life. It gives me ideas on how to learn at school, how to cook, how to be more organized, and it makes us more creative. It moves the knowledge from the book to our brain. If we buy books from the store, we have this mindset of how we can just read it whenever we feel like it. But when we check out a book from the library, we have to return it and it helps our brain work harder, and our brain gains more knowledge.

Thanks to the library, now people can check out books as much as they wish, read as much as they want, learn as much as they can, and gain knowledge as much as their brains can hold.

WayAnne Watson – 1st Place Essay Winner (Undergraduate Category)

Congratulations WayAnne!!! You have won 1st Place in our Undergraduate Category!

Undergraduate Library Essay

by WayAnne Watson

Confession is good for you, I’ve heard, so here goes.

I blame the system for it—the shelves, the quiet, the siren song of unlimited words for free, for me. I promise it wasn’t supposed to be like this. I had other things to do, too, and the books were all for school, until I spotted The Lives of a Cell sandwiched between clothbound cardboard at shoulder height.

Okay, maybe it was slightly lower than my shoulder. Maybe I didn’t need to be in that aisle. Maybe I didn’t need to look up the call number beforehand and email the entry to myself in Encore. Maybe I didn’t need to spend an hour on the carpet with a lonely stack of dusty bindings.

Call me a fanatic, but I’ve never figured out how to avoid this, how to stare at the sun without blinking, how to pass by treasures unmoved, how to escape.

I could have listened to my better judgment and avoided the gaze of the titles in my face, thought ahead to my predictable lack of common sense and walked out empty-handed. But I didn’t and now I’m here: curled up and tucked under the covers of my red and white-striped comforter, reading by the glow of an iPhone backlight.

Tonight it’s my serially renewed hardback of Annie Dillard’s For the Time Being, a meditation on natural evil in the world, full of sentences so beautiful I want to barf up every speck of passive voice defiling my soul.

Tomorrow, who knows? The borrowed stacks strewn across every horizontal surface in my room have more to give than I will ever gather.

Still, let’s get this much straight—I can fall asleep. That’s not the problem. I can also put the book away. Just not now.

Let me go—I sit on the edge of infinity and abyss. These strings of words and punctuation, these smooth black shapes on dry pearl pages, these are my heresies and credos. Their abstract imperfections solidify and erase themselves in printed sum so that by the time I look away I can hardly tell the difference between sentences and stories, between beauty and theme.

Soon it’ll be morning—a threat and a promise. Soon I will wake up and get dressed and eat breakfast like a normal homo sapien untouched by the magic of Annie. Chewing together in mechanical synchrony with the cafeteria crowd, I will stare blankly at my tofu and worry about homework, probably forgetting everything I devoured the night before.

Tossing the book in the return slot later that morning, there are a few faint marks bisecting the far corners of the pages, a few stray scraps of paper tucked in between the margins. In my mind, I picture a pale view of hills, a dog’s smile, an overcoat, a wooden door harp—made up memories from lives I have never lived, crowding out voices and faces of present and past. Out in the open, I look for symbols, signs of these imaginary haunts, but I find nothing I can hold, nothing I can show for my time.

Yet, somehow I know it’s true libraries change lives. What they never tell you in the brochures is how.