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821 Dissertations Added to Online Collection

Andrews University - Proquest Dissertations

Did you know that we have added 821 dissertations to our online collection, and are now available full text through the library catalog to all users? Most of these dissertations are from Andrews University alumni. Search the collection here: Dissertations

Terry Robertson: Promoting Technology for Promotion

Terry Robertson was promoted to the rank of Professor on July 1, 2014. He was one of the first faculty members to submit an electronic portfolio to the Rank & Tenure Committee using Libguides content management system. This format was ideal because it included a photo of the library as a heading while also demonstrating the utility of a ‘new to Andrews University’ library tool. Overall, the application process was affirming and a good opportunity to review the accumulated accomplishments of the past few years.

Steve Sowder Presents at Innovative Users Group

By Steve Sowder, Systems Librarian, James White Library, Andrews University

I attended the International Innovative Users Group (IUG) in Detroit the week of May 5, 2014. There, I presented a paper on techniques for loading journal records into Innovative’s Eresource Management System (ERM).

The point of my presentation was to show how to develop a system that could handle complex data records that were in multiple languages, with titles over 300 characters long, and with inconsistent punctuation. The solution is to develop a hashtag that is consistent across the different variations and use it to uniquely identify titles even though a simple match would not be evident. This method is being used at James White Library for our 160,000+ journal titles that are a part of our ERM system.

The IUG was founded in 1991 and is a very active user group for Innovative software. The IUG Conference is held every spring in various cities around the US. There usually around 140 different sessions to attend at the conference and about half of the presenters are library staff and the other half are representatives from Innovative. Event

attendance averages around 1,000 people. It is a good opportunity to learn new features of the software, find fixes or solve “how do I …” types of problems. Many times just meeting staff from other libraries and “talking shop” leads to solving problems and getting new ideas to enhance the library back home.

Innovative software runs the James White Library catalog, JWL Discovery Keyword searches, the software for backroom processing, and other functions. The James White Library has been using Innovative software since 1992.