Aldrich Mongkau – 2nd Place Essay Winner (Elementary Category)

Aldrich, you have won 2nd Place in the Elementary category of our 2015 Essay Contest!

Libraries are awesome!

By Aldrich Mongkau (5th grade)

            Library changes our life because it is not a waste of money. In stores they sell books that the library has. Wasting money! If there are books in the library, why not borrow books from the library, it will not waste people’s money!

In some countries, there are no libraries. But when you come over here, check it out, there are a lot of libraries that you cannot even imagine! Also in the library, if people do not like books, they can check out the DVD! The DVD has many different shows, including drama, adventure, mysteries, fictions, romance, fantasy, historical, non-fiction, comedy, action, horror, science, and many more.

People can learn in the library using the computer or what I called it the internet access, books or audio books, or by just sitting there and simply do your homework. When people are bored, they can grab a book, sit down, and relax while reading. The library also has fun activities or contests, which includes this awesome essay!

When you walk into a library, you can quickly notice that it is filled with books, and you automatically would think, oh this is so boring, but actually it is not, well maybe not that boring. The library is like a giant time machine, cannot really explain how it is like that, but one thing I know for sure is that when you are reading a book, you cannot really get your mind out of the book you are reading. You can just read a book, any book and you actually does learn something and your brain is also working, and you are getting smarter. You can learn by reading books (books that are based on true facts), also if you watch one of the video that is about animals (or any other science movie), they can have lots of information! So long my favorite thing I watch (of course the one I already borrowed) is in one of the Blue Planet series, The deep. That movie was a blast! The animals in that movie were impressive! Some of the animals in the twilight zone have their own personal light stuck to their bodies. Some of that could even change their light color! One fish, the hatchet fish can math his body color to the water he is in.

Libraries are awesome. You can study in the library because it is a quiet and such a peaceful place where you can release your stress. You can read a lot of books due to the fact that the library exists, and that is what the library is made for! The library is fun, you can could learn, study and most of all have fun!

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