Aileen Mongkau – 1st Place Essay Winner (Elementary School Category)

Wow! Aileen, you have won 1st place in our Elementary category! Congratulations and keep it up!

Library Makes You Read!

By Aileen Mongkau (2nd grade)

               The library makes me read because in the library there are so many interesting books! In my house the books are boring because I read them before and when I read it again, I know what the story’s about and what’s going to happen!  Some libraries do not just make you read, but they make you watch! Because some libraries have DVD’s or CD’s I like watching movies but not a scary one.

In my country, I never went to a library before.  But now I have gone to the library a lot!  Sometimes I am mad at the library because I borrow a DVD from the library and then when I watch it too much I get in trouble and it’s all because of the DVD and by the way, the DVD is from the library. Well, it is not the library’s fault that I watched for too long, it’s my fault because I am the one who wastes the time.

Well, another reason why the library makes us read is because some people need books for homework or even resources. Sometimes the only thing you are there for is to just check out a book or check out a DVD or CD!  See if you check out books, what you do with it? You read it, of course! So library makes you read! (Also, I already know how to read and I already read a lot).

You know, some countries do not actually have any libraries but America has. If your country does not have any libraries, then you should just move to America and you do not have to buy any books and waste money! Because there are a lot of libraries here and you do not have to waste money for books, just only for toys.

Hey, you know if you do not know about something then go to a library. If you need something funny go to the library. If you need to know how to feed, take care of an animal or plant then go to the library. Go to the library if you need to know about something or about a country go to the library! If you need a quiet place to do work or homework, I told you already go to the library!


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